ettore robbianoThe year was 1955, when Ettore Robbiano, sharecropper on a dairy farm in Lerma (AL), belonging to the Marquis Spinola, bought the farm "Ca' Bensi" located in the neighboring town called Tagliolo Monferrato; here he moved with his family and begins to lay the foundation of the company.
The farm featured a small vineyard, they are planted others and serves a small cellar that is used for making wine grapes and for the marketing of the processed product: Dolcetto.
At first it sold mainly bulk; the wine was bought by customers in the company or transported in wooden barrels, thanks to an ox-cart. These are difficult years, the country is trying to recover after the war, there is still poverty but begin to see glimmers of improvement.
Preparing the soil for planting the vineyard was done all by hand, with shovels and pickaxes, they proceeded to the trenching of the area they want to use and then they proceeded to plant the vine cuttings (so are called the small screws); operations were very strenuous who needed a lot of time and many arms; think that today everything is done by tractors or bulldozers.
Obviously all the tasks in the country were far more strenuous at the time: "The soil is low" as narrated by the famous saying and everything was done by hand or with the help of oxen for plowing operations of the soil, then the expenditure physical was huge; treatments against vine diseases, downy mildew and powdery mildew, were made using natural products such as copper and sulfur, effective when the weather conditions were very bad, but on those occasions when the seasons were presented exceptionally rainy or humid the risk of losing much of the harvest was very high.
Fortunately a little later (in the 60s) begin to arrive the first tractors and mechanical equipment starting to ease the difficulties for the work and above all allows it to perform better. It is able to produce more and to develop the organization of the company and so can be done even investment in the processing and marketing of the product that begins, thanks to these new conditions, to be sold in containers other than the usual barrels or carboys , that is the bottles.
danielaSo year after year the company grows, to take charge of it are the sons of Ettore, Giorgio and Angelo, is expanded the cellar,giorgio robbiano increase our vineyard conducted, all obviously helped by improvements more and more important in the methods of cultivation and production of grape and its transformation into wine.
The tractors and all the latest equipment allows to drastically reduce the manual labor in the vineyard and do it in a better way, while in the cellar processing technologies such as cooling tanks for winemaking, bottling lines and filtration, enhance the quality of the product, and then the appreciation by the consumer.
To date the company has always been family-owned and to assist in managing from the beginning of the 2000s were joined by Federico regard viticulture and Daniela which mainly manages the farmhouse born in 2006 and serving traditional local cuisine accompanied by our wines. So combine two great riches of our land, riches that are related to our history, our culture, the traditions that bind us strongly with the past, to the lifestyle of those who worked and created what we have today: wine and gastronomy .
federicoAlso this mentality careful environmentally friendly does that itself is built in the company a photovoltaic system very effective; It is two solar trackers that allow panels mounted on a support to run as a sunflower and thus enjoy a perfect sun exposure and always produce all the electricity that meets the needs of the company.

The wines that are produced today are: the Ovada DOCG, Dolcetto di Ovada DOC, Barbera del Monferrato doc, Monferrato Bianco doc, and various types of Red and Rosé.

Our philosophy has as a basic element the respect for our tradition and try to combine it in the best way possible with modern technologies without changing the rule that nature tells us: cultivate with wisdom and respect and not to spoil the fruits that are obtained.
This is the only way to feed with quality products.